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Turnkey services of consultancy and corporate training in the field of occupational safety, integrated design, and innovation
Fire safety

Studio Tecnico Rossoni can provide comprehensive consulting on fire safety and design and supports customers with a 360-degree approach aiming identifying risks, evaluating appropriate procedures and allowing companies to comply with regulatory criteria by optimizing time and cost of implementation. 

We are able to follow you throughout the bureaucratic processes necessary to authorise/modify an activity according to the procedures of Italian DPR 151/11: 

  • submitting the certified signaling of commencement of activity for fire safety to declare the start of the activity according to art. 4 of Italian D.P.R. August 1st, 2011 No. 151 
  • periodic fire compliance certificates according to art. 5 od Italian D.P.R. August 1st, 2011 No. 151 
  • fire prevention certification, renewal of fire safety certificates, exemptions and feasibility clearances 
  • Drafting of structural fire resistance certifications (DM August 3rd, 2015 and D.M. 07/08/2012)  
  • drafting of certifications of correct installation (DM August 3rd 2015 and D.M. 07/08/2012) 
  • drafting of contingency plans according to DM August 3rd 2015 and D.M. 10/03/1998 
  • specific assessment of fire risk according to art. 46 of D.Lgs. 81/08, of DM August 3rd 2015 and D.M. 10/03/1998 
  • specific explosion risk assessment according Title XI of the D.Lgs. 81/08 and DM August 3rd 2015  
  • development of fire safety projects both with traditional prescriptive method and through Fire Safety Engineering (FSE). 
  • design and testing of facilities according to NFPA standards. The project we provide to our client includes all technical papers, elaborate graphics, calculation, technical reports, and specifications. 
  • drafting of the user and maintenance manual of fire-fighting systems. 
  • consulting on systems, firefighting equipment and personal protective equipment selection 
  • drafting of fire prevention plans 
  • assistance during the procedures for issuing the Fire Prevention Certificate 
  • emergency team organization and training 
  • support and cooperation with the fire brigade in the event of an inspection 
  • training schedule for fire-fighting personnel (low risk: 4 hours; average risk: 8 hours; high risk: 16 hours) 

The certifications, the assessments and the firefighting projects are validated by a qualified fire protection engineer registered in the list of the Italian Ministry of the Interior according to Law n. 818 of December 7th 1984 and DM August 5th 2011.