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Turnkey services of consultancy and corporate training in the field of occupational safety, integrated design, and innovation
Technical consulting

Studio Tecnico Rossoni carries out technical judicial, extrajudicial and estimation surveys, expert and sworn expert reports, being able to count on a wide and thorough preparation both in the technical field, and in the legal procedural aspects, attested from the registration of Ing. Angela Rossoni to the Register of Technical Court Consultants of the Milan Tribunal (No.15562)
The professional figure of the office technical court consultant covers a number of responsibilities that affect both the civil and criminal areas and require precise requirements, which relate to both technical competence, moral qualities and transparency. 
As indicated in art. 15 of the provisions for the implementation of the Italian civil procedure code, registration as an office technical consultant is possible for those who: 

• have technical expertise in the field (in-depth knowledge of the subject itself, obtained with degrees or with the conduct of a professional activity enriched by continuous and specific updates) 

• possess a transparent moral conduct (which involves the applicant's utterly impeccable behaviour, which not only means not incurring criminal or civil convictions, but also in disciplinary or administrative sanctions, as this is an expression of lack of civic sense) 

• are registered in the respective Professional Orders or Colleges (registration to the Register is a means to ensure justice, the support of better prepared and qualified professionals) 

Thanks to our experience in the technical and consulting fields, we offer technical advice and expert services for any disputes in the judicial or extrajudicial field, with reference to industrial activities (machines, production facilities, semi-finished products, finished products, real estate (factory halls, civilian dwellings etc.), and real estates, as well as providing services (such as design, layout and installation, works supervision, etc.).

We serve companies, lawyers, private clients and judicial authorities. 
The technical advice we provide includes the analysis of the technical, legal and economic aspects of the problem, ensuring the maximum competence, completeness, clarity and transparency.