Studio Tecnico Rossoni
Customer focus 

Turnkey services of consultancy and corporate training in the field of occupational safety, integrated design, and innovation
Design services

Studio Tecnico Rossoni, leveraging several years of experience in the field, offers complete turnkey services of design and implementation of accessory systems and adaptations for plants, automatic vision systems, machinery and collaborative robots based on customer specifications.  
After carefully examining the needs of the customer, we manage the development of the project following all the phases ranging from design, procurement, implementation, throughout final testing.  
We also provide advise on the choice of materials, components and solutions to be used to find the best hardware and software solution with the best trade-off between cost and quality. We also perform assessments and estimates on the costs of converting an industrial system based on outdated technologies to more modern technologies available on the market today. 
Studio Tecnico Rossoni is also committed in the design, engineering and maintenance of electrical systems of all types and sizes for industrial and residential environments.  
We also provide thorough technical advice on the integration of electrical systems with automation, safety and data transmission systems, with a focus on safety and energy saving. 
We guarantee our customers a high level of professionalism and competitiveness, in line with market needs, technical standards and the evolving technology in the sector. 
Our approach is based on an in-depth analysis of the customer's needs and a focus on quality at all stages of the plant's lifecycle, from the preliminary study of the project, to the choice of optimal design solutions, to the layout, including technical documentation, compliance statements, maintenance, and upgrading to new requirements or regulations. 
In particular, we offer the following services: 
  • preliminary, final and executive design 
  • analysis and elaboration of plans and layouts and accurate drafting of electrical diagrams 
  • professional technical support and consulting to installation companies 
  • drafting of metric computations and and of specifications for public and private works 
  • check-ups and declarations of compliance for existing plants