Studio Tecnico Rossoni
Customer focus 

Turnkey services of consultancy and corporate training in the field of occupational safety, integrated design, and innovation

Studio Tecnico Rossoni offers highly specialized engineering services ensuring professionalism and quality of the projects through the careful analysis of the needs of the Client, to achieve a result that can fully express the functionality and environmental and economic context in which it is developed. 

Our ongoing commitment is towards improving the quality standards, and the painstaking ability to plan and manage each task enable us to ensure that the Client achieves the targets, with full compliance to time and cost requirements, maximizing the quality of the results obtained. 

The services we offer cover the areas of safety, training, fire prevention, Industry 4.0, technical consulting and include:  

personalized courses on safety and security
risk analysis and assessment 

drafting of Risk Assessments and Interference Risk Reports

assignments as external Prevention and Protection Service Manager 

fire safety design and fire prevention practices
sworn appraisals for Industry 4.0  

analysis of interconnection requirements  

assignments as TCC/PTC

sworn assessments and expert reports 

engineering consulting and services for industry  

drafting of technical files

consulting on Machinery Directive 

consulting on ATEX Directive 

industrial, medical and civil electrical systems design 

Over the years, Studio Tecnico Rossoni has also developed a differentiated experience in non-destructive investigation techniques based on infrared technologies, performed according to the UNI EN ISO 9172 standard.  
The advantages of this method of investigation are disparate: 
  • it does not require the shutdown of the plants, rather it should be carried out with running systems and possibly in conditions of maximum stress. it can be executed for: inspection piping and welding, control of the insulation of pipes, chimneys, hot channels, detection of leaks from valves, joints and flanges, check for the efficiency of heat exchangers, containers, motor control, and the monitoring of high voltage transforming stations, low voltage systems and electrical components such as electrical and control panels, etc.; 
  • it enables targeted and preventive interventions, significantly reducing maintenance costs; 
  • it can reduce the risk of catastrophic events such as fire or sudden production blocks.  
Leveraging our legacy and technical expertise, we also offer high-quality specialized technical translation services in the fields of industrial automation, electronics, mechatronics, and engineering.  

We translate from and to English, German, French, Italian and Russian: technical documents, instruction manuals, datasheets, technical specifications, corporate and product presentations, tender documentation, brochures, case studies, newsletters, press reviews, press releases, press kits, promotional texts, websites, publications, articles to and from professional and scientific journals, technical regulations, patents