Studio Tecnico Rossoni
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Turnkey services of consultancy and corporate training in the field of occupational safety, integrated design, and innovation
turnkey consultancy services
Studio Tecnico Rossoni offers turnkey services of consulting and training in the fields of occupational safety, integrated design and innovation.

We are committed to ensuring that your needs are fully satisfied in terms of reliability, flexibility, accuracy, quality, availability, courtesy and respect for deadlines.

Professionalism and competence 
serving the industry
Our main product is engineering as a tool to bring our customers innovation and competitiveness in the global environment.
Targeted training
Studio Tecnico Rossoni provides safety training courses for workers, managers and officers, and organizes on-demand personalized training programs, designed according to the specific needs of the Customers. Our training programs allow the customer to train the staff according to the assignment and the tasks carried out, through the activation of specific courses, with contextualized and focused training interventions.
at your premises
Studio Tecnico Rossoni is able to provide comprehensive fire consultancy and design services and supports its customers with a 360-degree approach that ensures companies full compliance with regulatory requirements, optimizing time and cost of implementation.
Fire safety
360 degrees services
Turnkey design and implementation
Fire safety design and procedures
Studio Tecnico Rossoni provides comprehensive assistance with CE marking of equipment and protection systems intended to work in an explosive atmosphere, in accordance with the ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive, from risk assessment in accordance with the Essential Safety Requirements, to the preparation of the technical file and the manual of instructions for use, to assistance throughout the certification process at the notified body.
Directly at the customer premises
360 degrees consultancy on safety
We provide technical assistance to designers, manufacturers, users and integrators, aimed at the correct application of the relevant European Product Directives and the required CE marking.
Sworn appraisals and consulting
Expert witness and specialist consultancy