Studio Tecnico Rossoni
Customer focus 

Turnkey services of consultancy and corporate training in the field of occupational safety, integrated design, and innovation
Who we are

Studio Tecnico Rossoni offers turnkey consulting and training services in the areas of occupational health and safety, integrated design, and innovation.  
We act as a reference partner providing tailored solutions that are geared to meet your needs: we offer a complete and professional service. 
Our consulting services on safety and security, fire safety and CE, besides ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, 
provide a practical and proactive approach and always end with a detailed plan of prevention and protection measures to be implemented. 
We provide tailored training services on safety at work, in the comfort of your premises. 
In terms of Industry 4.0 design and innovation, we are able to implement an organic set of methodologies, techniques and tools, and we are committed to meeting all phases of the customer's design, production and development and procurement cycle, with a "turnkey" formula, as we can rely on a team of excellent co-workers and partners. 
We can provide you with first-class support as your reliable partner for the supply of solutions oriented to the full satisfaction of your needs: we offer a complete and professional service, starting from the support during the request of offer up to the document preparation. 

We also provide maintenance, certification, documentation and technical translation services appropriately designed to fit customers’ requirements. 

We are committed to ensuring the fulfillment of your needs in terms of reliability, flexibility, accuracy, quality, availability, courtesy and respect for deadlines. 

Our main product is engineering as a tool to bring our customers innovation and competitiveness in the global environment. 

Our services include:  
personalized courses on safety and security 
risk analysis and assessment 

drafting of Risk Assessment and Interference Risk Reports

assignments such as external Prevention and Protection Service Manager 

fire safety design and fire prevention practices
sworn appraisals for Industry 4.0  

analysis of interconnection requirements  

assignments such as TCC/PTC

sworn assessments and expert reports 

engineering consulting and services for industry  

drafting of technical files

consulting on Machinery Directive 

consulting on ATEX Directive 

industrial, medical and civil electrical systems design 

Some of our current and past customers: 

514 Media, Accent, Agos Ducato, Avnet, Bureau Veritas, Cemirad, Consorzio Tecnoimprese, EEPW China, ES Studio, Fanuc, Gruppo Fiera Milano, Gruppo HTML, Gruppo Sole 24 Ore, Inarcassa, Lattice Semiconductor, Lombarda Circuiti, Metia Ltd, Mengele Publicity, Mouser, National Semiconductors, Officine Meccaniche MAM, Prestam, Publitek, Quaresmini srl, Rutronik, Sicolo Guarnizioni, Teicos Group, Valmek, Valsar, Vicor