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Turnkey services of consultancy and corporate training in the field of occupational safety, integrated design, and innovation

Studio Tecnico Rossoni offers tailored consulting on safety and security for companies of all sizes and types, being able to offer a 360-degree service. We can assist you with risk analysis and assessment services, drafting of risk assessment and interference risk reports, and assignments as external Prevention and Protection Service Manager. 
Risk analysis and assessment 
The risk assessment consists of assessing ALL existing health and safety risks related to the workplace hazards to which all workers are exposed. Risk assessment is also a basis for health and safety management, that is a legal requirement. 

The risk assessment includes a number of key steps ranging from identifying and recording hazards, assessing hazards to determine the level of risk, identifying prevention and protection measures, and implementing, monitoring and reviewing measures. 

Studio Tecnico Rossoni provides drafting of documents for specific risks such as:
  • Electrical Risk 
  • Noise Risk 
  • Vibration Risk 
  • Chemical Risk 
  • Fire Risk 
  • Manual Load Movement Risk 
  • Cancer and Mutagenic Risk 
  • Asbestos Risk 
  • Risk of Unsuitable Postures 
  • Biohazard 
  • Artificial Optical Radiation Risk 
  • Natural Optical Radiation Risk  
  • Severe cold/severe heat Microclimate risk 
  • Atmospheric Discharge Risk 
  • Video Terminal Risk  
  • Explosive Atmosphere Risk (ATEX) 
  • Electromagnetic Fields Risk  
  • Confined Spaces Risk  
  • Work-Related Stress Risk  

Our staff is at your disposal to clarify any concerns or to provide information about the safety of workplaces, machinery, equipment, about personnel safety and all related issues. 
Drafting of Risk Assessment and Interference Risk Reports  
Managing all the aspects of compliance and improvement of safety and health in the workplace, starting from a mandatory document, better known as Risk Assessment Report, highlighting each type of risk. This document lists the tasks of the health and safety officers in each working area, in order to reduce and minimize risk factors and, as a result, injuries for each employee. 

Studio Tecnico Rossoni provides companies with a qualified and always up-to-date consulting service, drafting the risk assessment document in order to protect the quality of each working environment and to raise safety levels over time, in other words to implement the prevention measures in favor of every employee, in the full respect of their rights. 

The drafting of the risk assessment document includes the analysis of structures, tasks, and documentation. 
Following the first analysis, all aspects of safety will be assessed, including the need for training/information, for providing protective devices, and for securing machinery and plants. 

Studio Tecnico Rossoni can also assist you in the drafting of the Mandatory Interference Risk Assessment Document in case of award of jobs, services and supplies to a contractor or self-employed within your company. 
Assignments as external Prevention and Protection Service Manager  
The Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 art. 17, paragraph 2, provides for the non-delegable obligation of the Employer to appoint the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service, who manages all aspects of the fulfillment of regulatory needs and of the improvement of safety and health in the workplace, collaborating with the employer, the occupational physician and the Safety & Health Workers Representative in the implementation of the Risk Assessment Document. 

More specifically, they must provide for: 

  • identifying risk factors, assessing risks and identifying measures for the safety and health of workplaces, in accordance with existing legislation based on the specific knowledge of the corporate organization; 
  • developing preventive and protective measures and control systems for such measures; 
  • developing security procedures for various business activities; 
  • proposing information and training programs for workers; 
  • participating to consultations on occupational health and safety protection, as well as to the regular safety meeting; 
  • providing workers with the necessary information. 

The Prevention and Protection Service Manager role can be filled only by competent and properly trained individuals.  
We can take up role as Prevention and Protection Service Manager for companies in any business sector.  

We are also committed to the Realization, Adoption, Deployment and Implementation of the Health and Safety Management System in the workplace as determined by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and similar We can also assist you in the planning, deployment and implementation of the Management System according to the new global reference standard ISO45001. The ISO 45001 replaced the BS OHSAS 18001 standard (British standard), which will no longer be in force starting from March 12th, 2021. It is applicable to any organization, regardless of the size, type and activity carried out on the market, which intends to create, implement and maintain a management system to improve health and safety at work, eliminating hazards and minimizing health and safety risks at the workplace. 

If an internal Prevention and Protection Service Manager is already present in the company, we offer a professional counselling service to support the activities to be carried out.